Big Data Analytics

ETL Hadoop Driven
Big Data Analytics

TechCompiler's Solution Architects have serviced variety of companies and industries. We have successfully deployed production Hadoop clusters and solved a diverse range of business and technical problems. We provide hands-on expertise to address Business Problems and help companies transform and start thinking the Hadoop way.

What we have cooked!

  • Yepme's e-Commerce Big Data Analytics
  • Clickjoy's Lead Generation Platform Analytics
  • Socialscape's Marketing Initiatives Sentiment Analysis
  • Soinsi's News & Articles Content Analysis
  • Guavus Telecom Data Analytics
  • Software Product Visualization


    We help you to resolve any inconsistencies or missing on massive data.
  • Software Product Development


    We analyze external sources or metadata to enhance the data capability for providing accurate and valuable analysis.
  • Software Product Re-engineering


    We reduce the redundancy in data and removes duplicates.
  • Software Product Maintenance


    We help you transform data from multiple sources by using complex business logics and algorithms.
  • Software Product Testing


    Our expert helps you in merging data from different streams providing an unified view of analytic engine.